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Our Comedy Nights feature:

  • Time to intentionally connect with strategic partners
  • Witty words from Dames Founder and marketing expert Meghann Conter
  • A comedian or humor-forward speaker to enchant us
  • A “Dame of Influence” or “Nonprofit in the Spotlight” award presentation. The women we recognize with The Dames Award meet the following criteria:
    • Are women who own and operate seven-figure (million-dollar) businesses
    • Are women who are nominated by The Dames community
    • Are women who have become mentors and motivators in our community

This Event’s Entertainer

Everyone has a story to tell! The experiences in our lives and all the people we meet are endless opportunities for some truly incredible stories. Whether or not the stories are humorous, ridiculous, heart-breaking, or seemingly random but nevertheless memorable, stories are everywhere! How we choose to tell our stories, who we share them with, and what we can learn from them are all windows into the world of our own self-awareness. Join Kari as she humorously depicts the role of storytelling in our lives and how it can positively impact our self-care.

Kari Knutson is an expert in the field of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). She is a therapist, professional speaker, and speaking coach. She also wrote, directed, and performs in a one-woman comedy and storytelling show. Her goal is to take psychology “off the couch” and bring it to the people! She does this through her engaging, humor-forward presentations, impactful coaching sessions, and a laugh-out-loud show that is all about our shared human experience. You can find out more about her and sign up for her Monthly EQ minute at KnutsonSpeaks.com .

Rise Collaborative
730 Colorado Boulevard, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80206

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