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Lisa Foster will be leading the training!

Cracking the Code: How to Live and Lead From Your Original Design

Learn how accepting, articulating and applying our strengths and personality – based on the StrengthsFinder, Myers Briggs and Enneagram assessments – can greatly help you optimize outcomes – professionally and personally. In this interactive presentation, Lisa teaches us to create tangible results based on this self-awareness, to have greater achievements filled with freedom, ease and fun!

  • Explore these tools, applied, personally and with clients, to convert assessment information into transformation.
  • Use the assessments as a “Hiring Hack” to build empowered and engaged teams with ease.
  • Discover how to replace a culture of judgment with a culture of honor in your work, home, and heart.

Bring your assessment results (take them in advance!)

Links to the three assessments can be found at https://www.parillume.com/shine-from-your-original-design/#assessments

For more information about Lisa’s coaching and development services, visit Parillume.com/SFOD. To hear her journey from survivor to thriver after sexual violation, watch her TEDx talk at https://youtu.be/04f2Ueq6yIY

About Lisa:

Lisa Foster has been active in transformational ventures, both here and abroad, as an entrepreneur, non-profit founder, public speaker, facilitator, and program developer. She founded Parillume™ to provide a lit path, with practical tools and a supportive community, to transform survivors into thrivers in the aftermath of sexual violation – through coaching, speaking, free events, and local networks of healing practitioners. Cracking the Code draws from her Shine From Your Original Design℠ (SFOD) program: Using StrengthsFinder, Myers Briggs and Enneagram assessments, Lisa coaches individuals, couples, families and teams to capitalize on their best selves and create lives they love.

Click HERE at 4pm on 6/14 to join!

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