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Peggy Delano will be leading the training!

Your Life Mindset and Your Big Why

Is your mindset keeping you from finding your big why? Are you tired of listening to those voices in your head who are telling you that you are not good enough, your too old, that’s never going to work etc.?

We all have heard: Mindset is everything. Yet, do we really subscribe to that belief and live it every day? If we were to ask our family and friends (who will NOT BS us) what would they tell us about the way, we are showing up? Are we ready to be open to receive their feedback and move your mindset forward?

On this call we will start the process of changing our mindset and looking at what drives us, aka our big why. I am going to be digging deep with some questions that maybe uncomfortable to answer All I ask you to do is show up and have an open mind. Sometimes we need to get uncomfortable to move forward. That is when the makeover begins and your “Why” becomes clear.

Click HERE at 12pm MST on 1/7 to join!

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